Bloggers in the mountains: The 2016 Schär Blogger Event

Bloggers in the mountains: The 2016 Schär Blogger Event

Friday, 25 November 2016 saw Schär inviting bloggers to a major event at the the Hotel 5***** Vigilius Mountain Resort, with gluten free baking, eating and creating, all in a pre-Christmas spirit. Read on to learn more about these exciting goings-on!

Article5041_Vigilius Aussicht

The Schär team and 25 bloggers – from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Serbia – all met in South Tyrol to address one topic – gluten free nutrition. The ambience was particularly inspiring: the Hotel 5***** Vigilius Mountain Resort, a location whose name lives up to its promise: mountains and peacefulness.

On the day in question, in fact, things were not perhaps as quiet as usual, because the five Schär stations set up there demanded that the invited bloggers all display their creativity, ambition, imagination, feedback and teamwork!

The five Schär stations in detail:

Article5041_Workshops Blogger Event

  • On the Go Services: the Schär team presented Schär’s mobile services: the GlutenfreeRoads app, mapping restaurants and businesses with gluten free offers and products, was tested live!
  • Product tastings: the bloggers were allowed a (first) sampling of the best and latest Schär products. There were plenty of “mmms” and “aaahs” as well as lots of good feedback, including comments on the product evaluation sheets.
  • The new website: the new Schär website is online! Presenting the numerous delicious Schär products in an informative and thought-provoking way, plus recipes and tips.
  • Dr. Schär Institute: a team of experts from the Dr. Schär Institute presented their educational work concerning the issue of gluten free nutrition.
  • Advent calendars: using craft and decorative materials, the bloggers had to create “their” number from 1 to 24. A quick photo and – as if by magic – an Instagram Advent Calendar was created! The results can be seen here.

Bake yourself happy!

Article5041_Baking Competition

The afternoon saw a bake-off as the bloggers, split into two groups, furiously stirred and kneaded away. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake: Schär flour and numerous other more traditional ingredients were arranged on the table for competitors to use. The jury was amazed at the wide spectrum of creativity and taste! Among the pralines, muffins, bread, Christmas biscuits and even an imaginative interpretation of tiramisù, the eventual winner was – a tarte flambée!

Article5041_Gruppenfoto Christkindelmarkt

In the words of the organisers: “The event was a complete success! The bloggers were absolutely delighted with the location in the mountains, by our programme and of course by the new Schär products. We got plenty of positive feedback from all sides, as well as useful suggestions for improvement”.

All agreed that the event certainly had the potential for repetition.

Schär Blogger Event 2016 - Official Aftermovie!

Mannequin Challenge - Schär Edition!

Curious about our baking competition?

Additionally Schär organized another baking competition for the bloggers where they had to create a creative and innovative recipe with 3 ingredients given by Schär + 3 ingredients by choice at home. Finally, the mystery can be solved! Tea who writes for the blog “Gluten Free Tea” won with such an amazing recipe idea! This honey toast with cinnamon and apple (ice) cream is such an amazing dessert, go and have a look at it! Besides, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day so if you are still searching the perfect dessert for this occasion you are on the right place! Enjoy!