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Tomato Soup


As the summer evenings are heating up, there’s no better way to cool down than with a fresh tomato soup. It is important to use healthy, ripe tomatoes to create the base of this traditional (and gluten free) Andalusian dish.


1 kg ripe tomatoes
150 g Baguette
100 ml olive oil
30 ml vinegar
10 g salt
1 clove of garlic
100 g Serrano ham
2 hard-boiled eggs


  • Put the chopped tomatoes and garlic in the blender.
  • Blend until the mixture becomes a liquid purée.
  • Put it through a sieve to remove the skin and small seeds from the mixture. (FYI: You can skip this step if you are using a powerful blender.)
  • Dice the bread and add it to the tomato purée.
  • Add salt and vinegar and beat at high speed until smooth.
  • Finally, with the blender on, gradually incorporate the olive oil, beating until it is well mixed.
  • Leave it to cool for approximately two hours.

For decoration:

  • Decorate with cooked, diced eggs, slices of serrano ham and olive oil.
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