Sweet and savoury toasts

Sweet and savoury toasts

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Sonia Peronaci transforms the classic Italian toasted bread appetizer into delicious finger food. She proposes two types: one based on sweetened stracchino (a fresh, soft and runny cheese) with figs, walnuts and flakes of dark chocolate; the other is more oriented to the autumn season, with red and white grapes poised on a thick layer of creamy and intense Gorgonzola.


The sweet toasts:
8 slices Pane casereccio ai semi / Pain campagnard aux graines / Landbrot Mehrkorn
240 g stracchino
70 g caster sugar
8 black or green figs
16 walnuts kernels
to taste dark chocolate curls
to taste mint leaves
The savoury toasts:
8 slices Pane casereccio ai semi / Pain campagnard aux graines / Landbrot Mehrkorn
240 g gorgonzola cheese
150 g mixed grapes
16 slices raw cured ham
to taste thyme


The sweet toasts

  • To make the sweet toasts, start by placing your slices of bread on the searing hotgrill.
  • Toast them on each side for a few minutes until they are crisp and golden.
  • Mix the stracchino in a bowl with the granulated sugar, using a wire whisk or an electric hand mixer, to obtain a smooth creamy sauce.
  • Spread the mix on the toasted bread.
  • Rinse the figs without removing the skin, then cut into segments and arrange these on the bread.
  • Decorate with the walnut halves and flakes or chips of dark chocolate.
  • Finish with a few leaves of fresh mint and your sweet canapés are ready!

The savoury toasts

  • Here again, begin by toasting the slices of bread on the searing hot grill.
  • Now stir the Gorgonzola in a bowl to soften and smooth it for easy spreading on the toasted bread.
  • Decorate with grapes cut in half lengthwise, alternating the two colours on the surface.
  • Finish by rolling up some slices of prosciutto crudo to form little roses and place them among the grapes.
  • Add a few little leaves of aromatic thyme and the savoury canapés are ready too!
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