Schmarrn (chopped pancake)


A homemade dish that is easy to prepare and truly tasty. Especially appetizing if you add apple pieces and raisins to the batter!


For the dough:
120 g Mix B - Bread-Mix
250 g milk
2-3 eggs
1 pinch/es of salt
a little bit of icing sugar


  • Mix the milk well with the sieved flour and salt, then add the whole egg and 1 egg yolk and stir everything vigorously.
  • Next, slowly fold in the whipped egg white.
  • Grease a non-stick frying pan, heat well and then add enough batter to the pan to cover the base.
  • Bake the batter omelette on both sides until golden brown, then cut into pieces and dust with icing sugar.
  • The ‘Schmarrn’ is delicious served with blackcurrant jam.
  • Tip: Try adding sultanas or pieces of apple to the batter.
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