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Savoury Cheesecake


A quick and delicious cheesecake, ready in 20 minutes with no need for cooking! Perfect as an appetizer or as part of a buffet.


150 g Grissini Ondulati
40 g butter
For the white spread:
200 g mascarpone cheese
100 ml greek yogurt
100 g Parmesan cheese, grated
For the green spread:
3 tbsp pesto
100 ml greek yogurt
to taste salt and pepper
For the decoration:
flaked almonds


  • In a mixer, grind your breadsticks to powder. Pour it into a bowl and mix with softened butter.
  • Distribute the mixture evenly into the little cups and press it in using a spoon.
  • For the white spread, mix the mascarpone, yogurt and Parmesan and blend until it becomes a creamy mixture. Pour into the little cups and even out the surfaces.
  • For the green pesto filling, add the pesto to the Greek yogurt, sprinkle a little pepper and distribute uniformly in the little containers.
  • Decorate with olives, sliced radishes and almond flakes.
  • Let the cups sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before serving.
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