Mousseline sauce

Mousseline sauce


Would you like to try a new sauce with fish or meat? How’s this one? A spicy sauce made from herbs, lemon juice and cream.


2 tbsp Farina
100 g butter
50 ml milk
200 ml cream
2-3 drops lemon juice
1/2 tbsp thyme
1/2 tbsp marjoram
1 egg yolk


  • Melt some butter in a casserole, add the flour and milk, and mix well.
  • After a few minutes, place the casserole in a bain marie (double boiler).
  • Gradually, add the egg yolk and a few pieces of butter.
  • Then mix in the remaining butter and stir forcefully until it forms a smooth mixture.
  • Add some thyme or marjoram and the liquid cream and lemon juice.
  • Carefully blend and pour into a sauce boat (gravy boat).
  • Serve with fish or boiled meat.
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