Gnocchi with curly Kale and Champignons


Like the sound of delicious, home-made gnocchi? Then try our new recipe with champignons, curly kale and delicious bacon.


2 packages Gnocchi
4 sheets/leaves kale
8 champignons
100 g bacon
30 g Parmesan cheese
olive oil


  • Slice the champignons.
  • Remove the stalk from the curly kale and cut the curly kale into cubes (approx. 3x3 cm).
  • Heat a few drops of olive oil in a frying pan or a saucepan and fry the bacon in it until golden, then place into a bowl.
  • When the bacon has cooled, cut it into pieces.
  • In the fat leftover from cooking the bacon, sauté the champignons until they are golden and add salt to taste.
  • Once the champignons begin to brown, add the chopped curly kale and simmer until slightly soft.
  • Cook the gnocchi according to the instructions on the packaging.
  • Add the bacon and Gnocchi into the saucepan with the curly kale and champignons and stir.
  • Grate parmesan on top, then serve.
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