Frangipani crème


A delicious crème with crispy biscuits, fresh from the refrigerator – naturally gluten-free!


130 g Mix C - Mix Pâtisserie
40 g Bisc' Or
130 g sugar
1/2 package vanilla sugar
6 eggs
3/4 l milk
80 g butter
2-3 leaves of gelatine


  • Sift the flour and place in an enamel casserole. Add the sugar and vanilla essence and stir well.
  • Add in 6 egg yolks and 2 egg whites while stirring the ingredients constantly with a wooden spoon, working everything to a smooth mixture.
  • Briefly soak the gelatine in cold water. Slowly add the milk little by little and bring the crème to a boil over medium heat while stirring constantly.
  • Allow to boil over low heat for a few minutes, dissolve the softened gelatine leaves in a double boiler and add to the crème, stirring constantly, remove from heat.
  • Stir in the butter that has been cut into pieces and the Bisc'Or that have been broken up. Stir the mixture vigorously and then chill in the refrigerator.
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