frango crocante sem glúten com salada

Crunchy Chicken Breast with Mustard Sauce


A unique way of serving chicken, this recipe created by Luana Caldini uses flaxseed and gluten free biscuits to make a crunchy crust without having to fry.


For the chicken breast in the crust:
2 chicken breast fillets
to taste salt and pepper
5 Snackers
1 tbsp flaxseed flour
1 egg
For the mustard sauce:
2 tbsp mustard
2 tbsp milk cream


Chicken breast in the crust:

  • Season the chicken fillets with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  • Break the biscuits in a bowl, until they become a coarse flour. Then mix with the flaxseed flour.
  • Put the previously prepared fillets in the egg, and then add to the mixture of Snackers.
  • Repeat these steps with the other fillet.
  • Lay the fillets in a baking pan and put in a pre-heated oven (180°C) for about 30 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and serve with the sauce. 

Mustard Sauce:

  • In a bowl, mix the mustard with the milk cream.
  • Serve with the fillets. 

Tip: Serve the fillets with a green salad or white rice!

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