Angel Wings

Angel Wings


They are called either Chiacchiere, Galani, or Crostoli, depending upon the region, delicious pastries for Carnival according to the original Italian recipe.


420 g Mix B - Bread-Mix
60 g cold margarine
3 g salt
200 ml white wine
1 egg
20 g sugar
15 g vanilla sugar
1,5 g grated lemon peel
10 ml oil


  • First, place the liquid ingredients in a food mixer, then add the remaining ingredients.
  • Knead the dough slowly until all the ingredients are mixed. Continue to knead on Level 2 until the dough is consistent (total kneading time approx. 3 - 4 minutes).
  • Separate the dough into two halves and roll each half into a ball.
  • Wrap the first ball in cling film (the dough dries out quickly). Roll out the second ball into a very thin sheet (max. 2 mm) and cut into strips (5 cm x 3 cm).
  • Deep fry the dough strips in hot oil (approx. 1.5 minutes per side) but make sure you don’t let the dough strips turn too dark!
  • Remove the dough strips from the oil and place on a kitchen towel to drain.
  • Once the dough strips have drained, dust with icing sugar and serve.
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