Béchamel sauce (White Sauce)

Béchamel sauce (White Sauce)


A simple recipe for making the classic Béchamel.


40 g Farina
500 ml milk
40 g butter
1 pinch/es of salt


  • In small bowl, blend together Schär's gluten free and lactosefree flourmix "Farina" and sufficient milk to give smooth paste.
  • Place remaining milk and butter in pan and bring to boil, gradually stir in blended gluten free flour and heat through.
  • Reduce heat & simmer for 2 minutes, add flavourings to taste (suggestions below).
  • Extra milk may be added to achieve thinner consistency. Serve immediately.
  • Sweet variations: Add 2 x 5ml (2tsp) caster sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence.
  • Savoury Variations: Add grated cheese to taste or freshly chopped herbs i.e. parsley or chives.
  • Other variations: For a brandy or rum sauce add 2 x 15mlsp (2tbsp) brandy or rum.
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