Asparagus pie

Asparagus pie

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Nothing says spring like homemade asparagus pie.


For the base / bottom:
120 g Mix B - Bread-Mix
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
100 g butter
2 tbsp cold water
For the filling:
300 g asparagus
200 ml cream
70 g pecorino cheese
2 eggs
1 tsp mustard
1/2 tsp salt
1 pinch/es of black pepper
For serving:
spinach leaves


  • Work the butter with flour, salt and baking powder until mixture is crumbly.
  • Add the water, mix until smooth.
  • Wrap dough and refridgerate for 45 minutes.
  • Roll the dough into a circle until large enough to line 21cm tart tin or two smaller ones.
  • Pre-bake crust for 7 minutes.
  • Trim the asparagus if needed, cut in 2–3 cm bites.
  • Spread the asparagus over the dough.
  • Mix eggs, cream and grated cheese.
  • Season with salt and black pepper.
  • Pour mixture over top.
  • Bake for 30–35 minutes.
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