American pancakes


Fluffy and ideal when topped with honey, butter, chocolate, fruit…. Or whatever you feel like eating! These American style pancakes are the perfect comfort food, and it doesn’t matter whether you want them for breakfast or dessert, they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth in no time!


250 g Mix C - Mix Pâtisserie
250 ml milk
2 eggs
1 pinch/es of salt
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
For frying:
a little bit of butter


  • Put all the ingredients for the batter into a mixing bowl, and mix together until there’s a smooth consistency.
  • Leave the batter to rest for approx. 30 minutes.
  • Warm a little butter in a non-stick frying pan (roughly 13 cm wide) and pour a ladleful of batter in.
  • Fry the pancakes on one side until golden brown, then turn the pancake and do the same to the other side. Place on a plate.
  • Fry some more pancakes and pile up on the plate.
  • While the pancakes are still warm, pour over honey, maple syrup or jam - whatever topping you fancy!
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