question about product “Milly Gris & Ciocc”

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Saturday, 31. March 2018 - 15:08
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask you about ingredients of your product “Milly Gris & Ciocc”. I live in Chiang Mai province of Thailand. I have bought Milly.. for my 6 years old baby girl (who is allegic to foods especially Milk) since 2 years ago via online seller in Thailand. At that time, she can eat it. There is no any allergy symptom occurred with my girl. So, i decided to bought Milly.. for my baby continuosly until now (bought via same online seller).

But, since the early of this year, i knew that there was an officially importer of Schar products in Thailand which is “4Care ltd”. So, i changed to buy Milly via 4Care instead.

The first lot which i ordered from 4Care since (January this year) is ok, still no any allergy symptom. Unfortunately that the problem occurred with the second lot which i ordered it this month. The allergy symptom occured with my girl suddenly after she ate Milly... (good luck that it is not serious problem, it is just rash around her lib).

Therefore, my inquiry is...

Are there any change of ingredient of Milly between recent lot and previous lot?
(i have checked ingredients on label. there is no any ingredient which my girl allergy to it.)

So, i do not understand why my girl has allergy symptom after eatting Milly, although previously she can eat for a year long.

Can you give me some information regarding my inquiry?

Thank you,
Kawita Yasadatt.