Ingredients in Schar Gluten-Free Crackers

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Lynn K
Friday, 3. January 2020 - 07:48

I have questions on 2 of your products, as I'm trying to determine which is safe for my wheat, milk and nut allergic son.

1) I noticed that the crackers on the international website ( has "Natural Flavours" listed, and that it is classified as "No Milk Added".

Can I confirm that the Natural Flavours indeed does not have ingredients made from milk or nuts?

2) The Table Crackers on the US website ( also has Natural Flavours. However, it is not classified as "No Milk Added".

Also, on a distributor's website, under Natural Flavours, "lactose-free milk" is listed, along with rosemary.

Can I confirm that the Natural Flavours in the table crackers (US-version) does contain milk?

Thank you.