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Thank you very much for filling in the online survey. Before taking any further steps, please read the following indications and recommendations carefully. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions regarding the test, the diagnostic process, the symptoms or the glutenfree diet.


Based on the results of the online survey we suggest that in your case there are INDICATIONS OF GLUTEN/WHEAT SENSITIVITY.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR, in order to discuss with him/her further steps.

Before you go to your doctor to get a definitive diagnosis please read the following carefully:

According to your answers you have already been tested for celiac disease and the test has excluded a celiac disease. As you have however indicated to suffer from symptoms which are considered typical of celiac disease or gluten/wheat sensitivity we suggest you discuss with your doctor further steps in order to diagnose a possible gluten/wheat sensitivity. The diagnosis of a gluten/wheat sensitivity is confirmed when the symptoms diminish or disappear by eating glutenfree and again a worsening of the symptoms happens as soon as there is a new consumption of gluten. Even in this case during the diagnosis it is important to eat food with gluten as the tests are significant only when eating gluten.