Schär gluten free - Quality and security

Schär gluten free - Quality and security

Gluten free eating - Quality is everything!

What's better than a lovely breakfast in peace with the whole family? If we use gluten free foods, it's essential they are secure and guaranteed. This is why consumers trust us. At Schär gluten free we aim for quality and precise controls. The origin and the processing of raw materials and cereals used in our products play an essential role.

Schär gluten free - from the choice of the seeds to the finished product

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The selected varieties of seeds must be of the highest quality in order to be used in rice or corn flour - present in a variety of Schär products, e.g Mehrkornbrötchen, cookies such as our Bisc' Or and even our Spaghetti. At Schär gluten free we select the varieties of seeds most suitable for our products, with the utmost of care.

There are a number of important steps to guarantee the quality of our gluten free products. The sowing of seeds, the cultivation of raw materials, harvest and the transformation into flour and followed by production and finally control of the finished product.

The following chart explains our production process in more detail, so you can be sure of the quality of our products.