Follow me around Sicily

Follow me around – Sicily on the road

Are you planning to visit Sicily in summertime? Why not having a road trip to discover the beauty of the Eastern part, from Catania to Syracuse, and grab many gluten free meals on the way!

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Sicily is a must-visit part of Italy, especially during late spring – early summer, when the weather is warm and the sun heats you up (without burning too much!).

Last year I decided to discover this beautiful island, and there’s nothing better than having a road trip there! So I planned a short trip with my sisters, to explore the Eastern part of Sicily: from “Catania” to “Agrigento”, till the wonderful “Syracuse” and its surroundings.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?

Gluten free Cannoli

First of all: we landed to Catania airport and rented a car to immediately start our road trip. But how to survive all these hours on the car without any treats? So it’s better to have a pit-stop at “Libere Delizie” just in Catania city center: believe me, you wouldn’t leave it without a whole bag filled with all the great traditional Sicilian food. From freshly made “Cannoli” to “Arancini” and “Panzerotti”, the choice would be so hard that you’d go for all of it!

Scala dei Turchi - Agrigento

After some delicious hours on the road, we arrived at “Agrigento coastline, and in particular, to “Scala dei Turchi”, a beautifully white rocky cliff where to rest a bit and get one of the most amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Valley of the Temples

After some rest at the beach, it was time to visit the pearl of Agrigento: the “Valley of the Temples”, an immense archeological site with one of the most outstanding examples of “Greater Greece art and architecture.


The second day was totally dedicated to discover the beauty of Baroque architecture in Sicily: from “Ragusa” to “Scicli” and “Noto” till “Modica”, the town known worldwide for its primitive chocolate, a unique (and naturally gluten free!) experience for the taste. But before leaving this sweet town, we had another refill of great gluten free Sicilian treats at “Bye Spike bakery!

Greek tragedy on the ancient ruins of the theatre in Syracuse

On the third day of the road trip, we arrived at “Syracuse”, an incredibly beautiful city full of history and art. The great part of it is the historical city center, located on an island, called “Ortigia”, where Syracuse was founded in ancient Greek times.

If you are planning to have this trip on late May (as well as we did), you won’t miss the classic tragedies played at the Greek theater!

Gluten free Linguine allo Scoglio

After the play, there is nothing better than having a plate of “Linguine allo Scoglio”! At “L’Osteria Da Seby” you will find the gluten free version of this amazing pasta dish ready to satisfy your taste!

Gluten free Mattonella

The last day of the journey has come, so it’s time for us to go back to Catania where to catch the plane back home. But first, let’s greet this beautiful part of Sicily one last time, having a creamy “Mattonella” at “Fiordilatte ice cream parlor, right in front the Duomo cathedral: gluten free, of course!