Follow me around Puglia

Follow me around – Puglia on the road

Let’s go on a road trip to explore the beautiful treasures of Puglia, an amazing region in the south of Italy.

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

There is nothing better than a great adventure on the road! It is one of my favorite types of trip, because you can truly pass through beautiful landscapes and have still the freedom of stopping by along the journey whenever you want to.

On one of my last road trips, I explored the wonderful Puglia in southern Italy, famous for the clear water of its beaches and the great food tradition.

Let’s start our journey with one of the gems of Puglia: “Alberobello”, a great UNESCO site worldwide famous for its typical houses (called trulli) with their unique rock roofs. One of the best options for a gluten free meal is “L’Aratro” restaurant, which offers traditional regional pasta such as orecchiette – for gluten intolerants as well: you cannot miss them!

Alberobello – Puglia

Another must-visit town close by is the wonderful “Polignano a Mare”, directly by the sea and a perfect escape for a lovely night. After admiring the sunset over the rocky cliffs, why not enjoying a gluten free fish burger at “Pescaria”? Trust me, it is definitely worth it!

Pescaria – Puglia

Speaking of traditional food from this region, you cannot miss a traditional breakfast made with cappuccino and pasticciotto, a small tarte filled with crème, simply delicious!  There are many bakeries where to find this sweet treat prepared gluten free: if you are in “Brindisi”, there’s “Divine Tentazioni”, or else in “Lecce” there’s “Caffetteria Danny dal 1986” for a perfect breakfast. Otherwise, along the coast in “Torre dell’Orso” there’s “Pasticceria Dentoni”, a famous bakery with some gluten free options as well, served directly on the lovely terrace by the sea.

Pasticciotto – Puglia

A very typical experience when visiting Puglia is surely taking a break at the traditional masseria, the old-fashioned mansions in the countryside, where they used to make olive oil from their own harvest.

Not far from “Lecce”, there’s “Antica Masseria Scagnito”, a relaxing and peaceful place where they serve wonderful meals for lunch and dinner. Ask Chiara or Virginio (the two siblings owning the place) for a dedicated gluten free menu, they will surely be more than happy to serve you all the options (dessert included!).

Masseria Scagnito – Puglia

Well, our journey along the beauties of Puglia is over, but I hope it will be one of your next adventures, as there are so many wonderful places and great food (served gluten free!) to be discovered!