Follow me around Interrail

Follow me around – Interrail

What is the best way to celebrate the end of school if not with an Interrail around Europe? Come on board and explore the beauty of this continent and its gluten free spots on the way.

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

A Europe trip by train has always been my adventure dream as a pure wanderlust soul as I am. Therefore, when my boyfriend and I decided to catch this train, I was as thrilled as ever!

In a two-week journey we passed by Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, while sitting (or sleeping) on the couch.

The first stop has been Budapest, the capitol of Hungary. From the first glimpse, I fell in love with this city and its young vibe: from the “Sziget, a music festival” hosted on an island in the middle of “Danube”, to the nightlife in the city center. Additionally, Budapest is world-famous for its incredible baths, the perfect way to regenerate ourselves after an intense night out!


In Budapest, there is a huge variety of food choices, gluten free as well, but we opted for something unusual to eat, as you can find in “Kajahu”, a true #socialeating spot close to the old Synagogue where to taste food from all over the world.

Second stop of the Interrail has been Berlin, the core of Germany. If you have never been there, then you definitely must add it on to your wish list, as it is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe, full of intense history and monuments, but with a whole different face by night, perfect for youngster.

My favorite part of Berlin has been for sure the “East Side Gallery”, an open-air art gallery decorating the 1.5-km remaining wall that once divided the city. Close by, you can have a delicious lunch at “SNAP Natural Fast Food”, a restaurant with many gluten free and vegan choices available!


The next train took us to Copenhagen, the most popular city of Denmark. We fell immediately in love with its vibe, the great architecture that decorates all the streets, culminating in “Nyhavn”, the 17th century waterfront district! The best meal we had was at “T.G.I. Friday’s”, the world-famous international chain with a dedicated gluten free menu available.


Next country: Belgium! We spent just one day in Brussels, but it is such a lovely city that we enjoyed every single moment there. Unfortunately, I have not tried the well-known, gluten free “Gaufres”, but I enjoyed other traditional food like mussels, French fries and of course chocolate! All naturally gluten free and delicious.


Finally yet importantly, we ended our Europe trip in Amsterdam! I have already suggested you where to eat delicious gluten free meals in the capitol of the Netherlands in a separate article. Click here to read!

Wherever you are planning to spend your summer vacation, remember to check out the Schär app to discover the best gluten free options available all over the world!

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