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Follow me around - Amsterdam

Enjoy a day in Amsterdam: between a walk in Vondel Park and a ride by bike along the canals, find the best gluten free options from breakfast to dinner!

Vittoria: 26 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Amsterdam is the capitol city of the Netherlands, as well as the main city of the Holland region, worldwide famous for its windmills and tulips.

The “Venice of the Northern Europe” has a lot to offer, but we are going to condense the highlights in one day. So let’s ride our bikes and start the tour of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam canals

The best way to begin the day is surely with a great breakfast, to get the right amount of energy for the entire morning. What’s better than having a wonderful gluten free pancake, Dutch style? At “Pancakes Amsterdam Centraal”, a local chain located at different parts of the city, offers gluten free options for the Dutch pancakes, which are more similar to the French “Crêpes”, but equally delicious! You can choose among different add-ons, for a sweet morning or a salty breakfast.

Gluten free breakfast at the restaurant Pancakes Amsterdam, Amsterdam

The must-visits of the city are surely the “House of Anne Frank” and the “Van Gogh Museum”, which are the top places for all the tourists coming from different parts of the world. If you are an art lover, you can’t miss the “Stedelijk Museum”, a wonderful permanent exhibition of the main contemporary artists as well as some modern masterpieces, from “Mondrian” to “Rietvield”.

Before continuing the tour, it’s time to have a break for lunch: the best spot is “Bagels & Beans”, another local company with many spots differently located around the city center, which offer gluten free bagels stuffed with many delis, oriented to organic products and green choices.

Gluten free lunch at the restaurant Bagels & Beans, Amsterdam

The second part of the day is dedicated to explore the city: riding our bike we can have a look at the “Vondelpark”, the “green lung” of the city, or see the famous “Dam Square” for some shopping.

For Spring season, from mid-March to mid-May, the most attractive place in Amsterdam is certainly the “Keukenhof”, the amazing park dedicated to the blooming season, where you can admire all the different shades of tulips and other flowers that compose the wonderful flowerbeds.

The Keukenhof, Amsterdam

Our time in Amsterdam is almost over, so let’s end this day with a traditional Dutch dinner at “Haesje Claes”, a traditional restaurant with many gluten free options available!

Haesje Claes, Amsterdam

You can find these and many other gluten free places in the Schär app “Schär Gluten Free”, the best search engine for all the restaurants, hotels and shops where to spot options for coeliacs available worldwide!

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