The Coeliac tourist guide

The Coeliac tourist guide

Check these frequent questions about travelling gluten free to make your holidays safer!

You’re counting down the days all year, purchasing clothes that will only be worn once to then suffer severe depression when you’re back on British soil... yes, you guessed correctly, it’s holiday time! As well as all the normal planning, if you have the added pressure of a family member who has to follow a gluten free diet going on holiday can be tricky. For the majority of people who are gluten free and going abroad there are so many things to consider; “How much gluten free food can I put in my suitcase?”, “Will the bargain all inclusive deal I’ve booked cater for a gluten free diet?”, “Will there be an embarrassing scene at the airport when the sniffer dogs catch me with a gluten free loaf in my hand luggage?” Not to worry, we hope to answer a few of the standard questions about going abroad gluten free....

Travelling by plane:

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  • At the time of the booking try to arrange a gluten free meal, if you explain to your travel company your situation they should do their best to accommodate special dietary requirements. Always remember to double check on the day of the departure that your gluten free meal is still on the menu! You can do this with the check in staff.
  • If for some reason you cannot order a gluten free meal for your flight don’t worry. Either eat before you head out to the airport or bring some homemade sandwiches for the departure lounge. We have recipes for some great gluten free sandwich fillings using any of our gluten and wheat free loaves or rolls. If you have more of a sweet tooth, we have range of gluten and wheat free biscuits, a lot of which are portion packed, ideal to pop in your hand luggage.
  • Again, if you haven’t been able to arrange a gluten free meal for the flight don’t be tempted by any of the food. Even if what’s on offer appears to be gluten free it probably hasn’t been prepared in a gluten free environment and no one wants to suffer a 'glutening' on an 8 hour flight with 30 other passengers!

Self catering on a gluten-free diet:

Usually the easiest and safest option, you can make sure everything is prepared in a gluten free environment to your liking. Simply pack a few essentials, our Wholesome Loaves have the taste and texture of a fresh bread with a longer best before date for added conveneince! Once again check with your tour operator or airline at the time of booking to check your allowance so you know how much luggage you can take, you can never guarantee every airline is the same.


Search for places to eat, shop and stay gluten free worldwide! At GlutenfreeRoads you can plan your visit and plot stops along the way as well as rate and review locations. Parlez vous francais? No us neither, the website even has useful gluten-free restaurant cards available in all languages.