Pasta & Pizza – Flavour begins with ingredients!

Pasta & Pizza – Flavour begins with ingredients!

Mmmmh! Made in Italy: a dolce vita gluten free experience for your tastebuds.

Food is one thing; enjoying it is another. When people talk about food in Italy, it sounds like poetry. Here, food is culture, it is passion, it is the joy of the shared experience - preferably in a large family or in a circle of friends. The enjoyment of delicious food is simply an expression of a very special philosophy of life that unites generations. Convivial, cosy, homemade and traditional. That's how it should be and it's how the family’s favourite recipes are passed from the nonna to the momma. They are well protected and preserved like a precious piece of jewellery. And no matter which recipes are part of your family’s heritage, where you can get the freshest, best-quality ingredients is just as important. Passion breeds perfection! 

We have taken this epicurean philosophy as a model for the specialities in our Pasta & Pizza product line. We've also taken up a challenge, because if you want to eat like you do in Italy, you have to use products that the Italians love - and prepare them in the traditional Italian way, of course. That's why we work together with chefs from all over Italy, develop our recipes according to Italian tradition and produce our Pasta & Pizza products just as they do in Italy.

100% made in Italy - the passion of our top gluten free chefs


If anyone knows the very best recipe for an original Italian pizza, it's a pizza baker from pizza’s home town of Naples. If anyone real understands the perfect harmony of a filling and its perfect fresh pasta shell, it’s a chef from the tortellini Mecca of Emilia-Romagna. If anyone is able to combine skill and simplicity in such a delicious way that it tastes as good as unforgettable family meals - that feeling when an eagerly awaited steaming bowl of gnocchi finally arrives on the table - it's a passionate chef. The best and most important secret ingredient in our 100% Italian Pasta & Pizza delicacies is most definitely our passionate pleasure team. Inspired by their infectious passion, we cook and create with them to produce our delicious selection of original gluten free Italian delicacies for you.

Perfect Italian pizza - with no gluten


In the beautiful town of Borgo Valsugana in Trentino, gluten free pizza and pasta have been produced in strict accordance with the rules of the art for over 50 years. Here the expertise of a long tradition goes hand in hand with the knowledge of a true specialist. “What you need for a real pizza is dough made by a master craftsman, top-quality ingredients and a stone oven”, says Paolo Pangia, Maestro Chef Pizzaiolo della Vera Pizza Napoletana. We bake in accordance with the words of this Neapolitan master pizza chef and use genuine original ingredients - just as in a traditional pizza, only gluten free.

  • Take your time! The secret for successful pizza dough lies in how you work the top-quality ingredients so that their wonderful flavour can unfold. It must first be kneaded with perfect technique for just the right amount of time - and then needs the right amount of time to prove. The result is a tender, easily digestible dough that is now ready for its topping.
  • A balance of ingredients: Baking pizza is lots of fun! It starts with the dough, which needs to be formed in the traditional Italian way - circular and of equal thickness all round. And you can't miss the topping, of course. Every carefully selected ingredient is used to complete the flavour of the pizza. What makes gives a pizza its genuine Italian flavour is the harmony of ingredients. It’s this harmony that will conquer your palate with every bite!
  • The magic of baking: The secret lies in the stone oven! We bake our pizzas at a high temperature to achieve a constant, even result in the stone oven. The pizza turns out just the way it should: crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The master craftsman technique we use is the only way to give pizza its unique, appetizing appearance.

In keeping with the Pasta & Pizza philosophy, our crispy pizza also contains only the finest ingredients:

  • Mozzarella: Melt away in the truest sense of the word. Our pizza gets its unique aroma from delicate mozzarella made from Alpine milk. And because we want everyone to enjoy this delicious gluten free pizza, our mozzarella is also lactose-free!
  • Italian tomatoes: Tomatoes reveal the true soul of a genuine Italian pizza. The fleshy red tomatoes ripen under the southern sun to unfold their temptingly fruity aroma in the form of pizza sauce. 
  • Extra virgin olive oil: The green gold of Italian cuisine is undoubtedly olio extravergine di oliva. Its hint of bitterness is the crowning glory on the delicious harmony of ingredients in your favourite pizza base.
  • Pizza “più”: Our gourmet toppings give our pizzas that little bit more and are naturally also made from the finest ingredients, including delicious grilled vegetables, smoked salami, cooked ham and mushrooms. For those who prefer the classic Pizza Margherita, we offer it più gusto - with even more flavour.

Italian pasta: the epitome of gluten free flavour


  • Our chef Sandro, who hails from Emilia-Romagna, knows how to combine the classic taste of Italian pasta dishes with modern, refined haute cuisine. “The dough must be the right thickness and have the right amount of air bubbles”, he says. “It's the only way that the meat sauce and béchamel can combine to create the perfect balance of aromas in a genuine Emilian lasagne.” With his help we have specialised the ancient, refined art of preparing dough and pasta specialities, such as our ready lasagne, which you can quickly pop in the oven, and our lasagne sheets which you can use for your own creations. Dough thickness is a precise art: There's a sauce for every pasta, as the Italian saying goes. Every Italian pasta speciality also needs its own dough in order for the aromas of the dish to develop as they should. Doughs can be smooth or porous, strong or very thin The preferred pasta for a pesto Genovese is our spaghetti while the spice of an arrabbiata unfolds most impressively in the grooves of genuine penne. Preparing a lasagne is a true art form: you need a wafer-thin dough that unites with the sauce layer by layer - and is applied in measured sweeps.  
  • Flavour demands patience: You can't force flavour. Whether it's a bolognese sauce or a tortellini filling, time is always the most important ingredient. Only when they have been allowed to simmer for long enough on a low flame can the meat, vegetables and seasoning develop their essence and full aroma, blending with one another to create a wonderfully unique flavour.
  • The pleasure of waiting: There is certainly something magical about watching a dish emerge layer by layer, ingredient by ingredient. But the best part of waiting is right at the end, when you've put a dish in the oven and are waiting until you can finally take it out and enjoy it.

And it's not just pizza and pasta: there’s passion and tradition in every classic Italian dish. Cooking is passion. “To be good in the kitchen, you have to deal with culture” says, award-winning chef Annamaria, who offers her passion for cooking to advise us on preparing the best of traditional Italian cuisine.