When will your baguettes and croissants in Canad

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Tuesday, 1. October 2019 - 00:24
Hi, I tried your products for the first time this week, the mini ciabatta buns, and I loved them. They are one of the closest gluten free bread products I’ve tried, both in taste, but most importantly texture, to the wheat based version in my first six months of being gluten free due to Celiacs. I also love that they are packaged and sealed to stay fresh at room temperature for a considerable amount of time.

I saw on your US website that you also have baguettes and croissants for sale, but not in Canada. Do you plan on introducing them here soon?

Baguettes have always been my main form of bread and since going gluten free I’ve been terribly disappointed in the gluten free versions available to me. But if your baguettes are similar to the ciabatta, then they are likely far closer to the genuine product. Same for croissants. These are the two things I miss the most since going gluten free.