Finding the product

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By Lorianne
Monday, 26. June 2017 - 15:28
Is this product available in British Columbia?
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1 year 4 months ago
Hello Lorianne!

Yes there are some stores in British Columbia that do sell Schar products. If you would like to know where these stores are, you can go to our store locator.

Our store locator is found in the upper right hand corner of any of our pages. It is a little globe with a red speech bubble on it.

If you click on that it will take you to our store locator page. In the search bar up top, you can put in your address or town and it will show you where all of the stores that carry our products in that area are. You can see that their addresses are right below the store name so that you know where to find them.

I hope that this was able to help you a little bit. If you are in need for more assistance, please comment back and I will be able to help you out!!
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By Patrick Simson
3 months ago
English, USA
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