Buying online

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By Donna DeSiano
Friday, 20. January 2017 - 19:19
Can I buy Schaer products directly from the company or online? I can only get the bread in my area.
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By Mary Richter
1 year 1 month ago
I have been shopping with vitacost for many items for more than 10 years.
You only need to spend 49$ to get free shipping and they're customer service is superb.
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By Kisha Consumer Service
1 year ago
You can order Schar Products online through our online store at our website.

Our Ecommerce staff is ready to take your order. Please visit our online store at The Schar Online Store or call them direct at 1-815-552-6039.

Our Online Store sells all products in Full Cases and there are no shipping costs.

Also we have a small distributor that has an online store called Gluten Free Mall, they carry all of Schar’s line of products and you do not have to order in cases.
You can also call them direct at 1-866-575-3720.