• Kat L
    Kat L posted a comment on the product Brown Ciabatta Rolls

    13 days ago

    These brown ciabatta rolls are a favourite as they taste great go well with everything. I particularly like eating them with my homemade lamb burgers and beetrroot relish. I've also taken packs of them with me on travels and they travel very well in a suitcase!

  • Kat L
    Kat L posted a comment on the product Custard Creams

    13 days ago

    A great substitute for an old favourite biscuit and handy for travelling as they come in individually wrapped packs of 2 inside the box. 

  • Herny2005
    Herny2005 posted a comment on the product Brioche Loaf

    20 days ago

    Hi there, I am in Portsmouth, and our big Tesco usually has the brioche loaf. They also sell the sweet brioche rolls. My 10 year old, coeliac son, loves them! Perhaps your local bigger Tesco will have them. 😊

  • coeliac-Ann
    coeliac-Ann posted a comment on the product Sausage Rolls

    last month

    I was delighted when I saw Schar (a company whose products I generally enjoy; they do the best frozen bread rolls!) sold Sausage Rolls. Had I investigated closer, the long list of unpronounceable chemical-sounding ingredients and the 19.42% pork might have given me pause.

    However, buy them I did, and my mother (who also needs a gluten-free diet for medical reasons) and myself ate them yesterday evening.

    A terrible disappointment has yielded to unfortunate after-effects. The pastry was heavy, what little pork there was over-herbed. But, even worse, though we cooked them well, slightly longer than stated, we were both left with abdominal cramps and bloating. We know this to be not uncommon with E451 (here listed as Pentosodium Triphosphate, a bulking agent with which we have previously had difficulties and which we avoid - I only know this because I tracked all ingredients in yesterday's meal this morning to find out why we were suffering; I know, of course, that Schar's food is gluten-free and that could not be the cause of our problems).  

    We shall now avoid the Sausage Rolls completely in future. However, we will continue to enjoy the more natural products in Schar's selection.

  • G Scahllmo
    G Scahllmo posted a comment on the product Wholesome White Loaf

    last month

    I love this bread the best in the market! Great work guys! But saying that they could do with being bigger to match a standard loaf while maintaining price:)

  • Charlottieh83
    Charlottieh83 posted a comment on the product Brioche Loaf

    last month


    I came across your absolutely amazing Broiche Loaf on holiday in France.

    Now I'm back in the UK and trying to find a stockist. 

    Do you have anyone that sells this in Somerset or Devon area?



  • Laura Customer Service
    Laura Customer Service posted in forum Diet/sample packs

    last month

    Thank you for posting,

    Unfortunately we do not send samples at the moment, but do try our online store where we stock a wide range of products that you may not find in your local supermarkets.


    Thank you : )

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    Experience has shown that youngsters often give bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. the thumbs down. But with young vegetables it’s easy to cobble together a crazy car, so that they get a more favourable reception.

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    An easy recipe, and one with which children can help. Little penguins made from mozzarella balls, olives and carrots.

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