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Spices: Christmas treats for the nose

Christmas is also a celebration for the nose; who wouldn’t associate the aroma of vanilla, cinnamon or cloves with Advent? Here, you will learn where these exotic spices come from and what they can do.

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Christmas is generally known as the most peaceful time of year. With our tips for Christmas baking and cooking it is really easy to make sure this is true. Before you start the preparation, you should read through the recipe carefully...

An easier life

Mouth-watering Christmas aromas...

They say that the best part is the anticipation. So why not indulge yourself and your children this Advent with my sweet Christmas treats from all around the world. Read on to find out more...

An easier life

New Year around the world

Everyone celebrates differently. Lentils taste…..of Italy, sweet apples with honey cake of Israel, omochi of Japan, whiskey with fruitcake of Scotland. We have had a look around to see how New Year is celebrated in different places.

Birthday Girl - gluten-free - Schär

How to organize a gluten-free birthday party

Organizing a birthday party is a task that requires a little planning and organization, especially if the party is for children.

Summer, sun, party time: time for gluten-free garden parties!

Time for gluten-free garden parties!

Summer, sun, party time

The temperature is rising and everyone’s in a party mood: It’s time for the first garden and balcony parties of the year!

How to integrate fibers in gluten-free diet

One of the most frequent problems that could arise in gluten-free diet is a lack of fibers.

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