Gluten-free on the road

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Schär Glutenfree Holidays is the new Schär travel portal, which allows you to book your next trip knowing you will get safe gluten-free meals.

Travelling – gluten-free, of course

Guideline for celiac tourists

Celiac patients can also travel and go away on holiday! In order to enable these patients to have carefree and fear-free holidays, experts from the Dr. Schär Scientific Committee have now prepared a “Guideline for celiac patients”.

Travelling – gluten-free, of course

Gluten-free holidays – the easy way

You have already chosen a holiday destination? Then here are a few tips to ensure that you have a carefree stay:

Travelling – gluten-free, of course

Shop gluten-free

No matter whether you wish to spend your holidays in a tent, on a sailing ship, high up on a mountain or at the seaside: One of the first things that you have to do is to find out where you can easily buy gluten-free products at your holiday destination.

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...the best way to find glutenfree places!

Glutenfree Roads

At, you will find countless gluten-free restaurants and pizzerias in various countries, you can look for hotels on the other side of the world and, let's not forget the supermarkets and other retailers, where you can buy gluten-free products on your journey…

Book gluten-free

If you don’t want to have to worry about what to pack and what you are going to eat when you reach your holiday resort, then you should book gluten-free as soon as possible. Enquire about specialised tour operators at your local travel agency.

Eating out gluten-free

The following explains how to enjoy restaurant meals without having to worry

Those suffering from coeliac disease do not have to refrain from eating out; as long as certain rules and advice are followed, they can eat out and enjoy care-free visits to restaurants, cafes and snack-bars.

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Travelling – gluten-free, of course

Fly gluten-free

Are you travelling to your holiday destination by aeroplane? Then you should know beforehand which airlines serve gluten-free meals on board. Attention: You have to state your request when booking!

Travelling – gluten-free, of course

Gluten-free cruising

Going on a cruise is great fun – even for people with coeliac condition. Many cruise companies have the option of gluten-free catering on board. It is important that you register your gluten-free dietary requirements when you book.


gluten-free and safe

The dream of sailing...

A holiday on a sailboat: A dream, which those suffering from celiac disease consider to be unachievable. But, all that’s needed to fulfil this dream is the observance of a few precautionary measures and a little good will on the part of the fellow travellers.