Gluten-free diet

Tips and advice for a healthy, balanced gluten free lifestyle.

99 reasons why Schär is no. 1

You don’t get to be Europe’s No.1 in gluten-free* just by making great tasting gluten-free foods, at Schär. Not convinced? There’s 99 reasons why we’re No.1!

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How can I tell if a food is gluten-free?

Daily food shopping is no easy task for sufferers of coeliac disease; the diverse range of products seems to be almost infinite, but each selected product presents the same question: Can I really eat this?

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is found in most types of cereals, bread and pasta. As well as helping bread to maintain its proper shape, gluten contributes to elasticity which is why mainstream gluten containing bread is so difficult to replicate for gluten free manufacturers.

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How healthy is a gluten-free diet?

Within the media there have been questions raised about gluten free diets, claiming that they are unhealthy, lead to a high intake of fat and sugar and just don’t provide the nutrients needed for a healthy diet.

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Help I have eaten gluten by mistake

Cross contamination

If you have coeliac disease, or are sensitive to gluten, the effects of accidentally consuming gluten will vary from person to person and depend upon how much gluten has been eaten, how sensitive you are and also how long you have been on a gluten-free diet.

Eating out gluten-free

With diagnosis rates of coeliac disease and awareness of gluten sensitivity, a newly recognised condition increasing, caterers are becoming more aware of special dietary needs – and so they should!

Salt reduction - For the love of your health

Salt primarily consists of sodium and chloride, and contains life-giving, essential minerals.


Do's & don’ts

Gluten-free frying

Wonderfully crispy, golden-brown fried meals which steam appetisingly in the bowl are not something that people with coeliac condition have to miss out on. But there are a few basic rules that it is a good idea to bear in mind when you're frying.

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Health and nutrition

A strong start to the day

An enjoyable start to your morning . Everyone knows how it is to oversleep, then leap out of bed, rush into the shower, grab a cup of coffee on the run and plunge straight into the day’s activities.


Health and nutrition

The healthy plus: artichokes

Not only was the artichoke already famous two thousand years ago as a delicacy, it was also prized as an excellent aid to better digestion. With the Greeks, tasty artichoke hearts formed a part of the basic foodstuff.

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