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Dessert with fruits

It is well known that fruits are essential for a healthy diet: it is a delicious source of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.

Eating in front of the TV

All dietitians and nutritionists agree that eating in front of the TV is bad for our health. Indeed, it seems to contribute to weight gain, because when we are distracted by the images we tend to eat more and in a disorderly way.

All the alternatives without turning on the oven

Summer dessert

In the summer sometimes it’s almost impossible to turn on a stove, an oven less than ever. But there is always the desire to eat something sweet and good.

Gluten-free shopping tips

Things to be considered when shopping for food

Daily food shopping is no easy task for sufferers of coeliac disease; the diverse range of products seems to be almost infinite, but each selected product presents the same question: Can I really eat this?

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Health and nutrition

A strong start to the day

An enjoyable start to your morning . Everyone knows how it is to oversleep, then leap out of bed, rush into the shower, grab a cup of coffee on the run and plunge straight into the day’s activities.


Health and nutrition

The healthy plus: artichokes

Not only was the artichoke already famous two thousand years ago as a delicacy, it was also prized as an excellent aid to better digestion. With the Greeks, tasty artichoke hearts formed a part of the basic foodstuff.

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Do's & don’ts

Gluten-free frying

Wonderfully crispy, golden-brown fried meals which steam appetisingly in the bowl are not something that people with coeliac condition have to miss out on. But there are a few basic rules that it is a good idea to bear in mind when you're frying.

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Glutenfreies Brot frisch aus dem Ofen

Health and nutrition

Gluten-free bread fresh from the oven

Do you love the aroma of fresh bread straight from the oven? Do you want to experience that aroma every day without having to leave the house? Then you will love our prebaked bread.

Gesund und glutenfrei Entschlaken

Health and nutrition

Healthy and gluten-free detox

Goodbye winter - hello spring! But despite the joy of the new season, we often find ourselves feeling tired and under the weather. Bad diet and lack of exercise during the winter mean that waste products and toxins have built up in the body...

Health and nutrition

Milk allergy and lactose intolerance - Life without milk

Milk and milk products are causing problems for an ever-growing number of people. The terms “milk allergy” and “lactose intolerance” are very often misunderstood or they are used interchangeably.