Gluten-Free Bread Fresh From The Oven

What could be better?

Glutenfreies Brot frisch aus dem OfenDo you love the aroma of fresh bread straight from the oven? Do you want to experience that aroma every day without having to leave the house? Then you will love our Heat & Serve bread. There are now four different varieties: with the popular Ciabatta, which comes in both plain and multigrain, the French-style baguette and deli-style rolls, you can definitely find the ideal bread to suit your taste.

The "new generation of bread" from the master baker

Our modern, somewhat hectic lifestyles mean that we have less and less time, even for shopping for fresh food such as bread. That is why supermarkets and corner shops are offering more and more bread varieties that keep for longer or only need to be baked for a short amount of time at home. Heat & Serve goods are becoming increasingly more popular and count for a growing proportion of market profits.
Heat & Serve bread has an obvious advantage: it can be bought in large quantities because it keeps for longer than normal bread and then baked to perfection at home — oven-warm fresh crusty bread on the table whenever you like. This advantage makes our pre-baked bread varieties perfectly suited to celiac sufferers who do not want to go through life without enjoying fresh bread.

Three new Heat & Serve breads from Schar

The master bakers at Schar have expanded their range of Heat & Serve bread specialties to include three new gluten-free varieties for you: "Multi-grain Ciabatta" is a hearty version of the popular "Ciabatta", with a multi-grain dough rich in healthy ingredients and fiber. The "Baguette", in contrast, has a characteristically French taste and is ready to eat in just five minutes.  All of our bread varieties retain their fresh taste for hours after being taken out of the oven.

Tips from the master baker
To enjoy fresh bread daily in small amounts, you don't have to waste lots of energy by always turning on the oven. Toaster ovens, mini ovens, toasters or sandwich grills, or microwaves with baking functions help save time and electricity when baking Heat & Serve delicacies. If you can't eat all of it at once, that's no problem; just freeze the baked bread and then thaw it again later to enjoy fresh.

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